ANeuroTech publishes Phase IIIa data for ANT-01

ANeuroTech publishes Phase IIIa data for ANT-01, an adjunctive anti-depression drug, in Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry

ANT-01 is in late-stage development as an adjunctive treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD), with minimal side effects
Published data demonstrates substantially better safety profile of ANT-01 than previous serotonin and dopamine antagonists for the treatment of MDD
ANeuroTech also files patent application for long-acting prodrugs

ANeuroTech, a leader in the development of innovative mental health treatments with minimal or no side effects, today announced the publication of Phase IIIa data for ANT-01, its adjunctive anti-depression drug, in the journal of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry. The Company also filed a Composition of Matter (CoM) patent for the long-acting effects of ANT-01.

The Phase IIIa data, published in a paper titled: Low dose pipamperone therapy for major depression: A randomized controlled clinical trial comparison with citalopram, demonstrates that ANT-01 has a substantially better safety profile than previous serotonin and dopamine antagonists used to treat MDD, and that low dose pipamperone has the potential to be an efficacious treatment for MDD as either a monotherapy or in combination with currently available anti-depressants. The paper was co-authored by Erik Buntinx, Lars Bastiaanse, Alan S Schatzberg, Charles B Nemeroff and Philip D Harvey.

ANT-01 is a highly selective dopamine and serotonin receptor antagonist and a low dose of an existing drug substance, pipamperone dihydrochloride, a typical antipsychotic developed and marketed at a high dose range for the treatment of psychotic disorders. ANT-01 has been shown to improve cognitive function and anhedonia, something which has not been demonstrated by any other adjunctive antidepressant molecule, with data demonstrating it is more efficient, with an improved safety profile, when compared with currently available adjunctive therapies.

ANeuroTech is also developing prodrugs of ANT-01 as a long-acting treatment for MDD. Long-acting treatments remove the need for daily medication, resulting in better patient adherence and a better patient experience. There is currently no long-acting anti-depressant drug available.

Dr Erik Buntinx, CEO and Founder of ANeuroTech, commented: “As a psychiatrist, I have seen too often the non-response and problems that come with adjunctive anti-depressant drugs, including a lack of an effective impact on cognitive dysfunctioning and on the loss of the ability to feel pleasure, two key domains in almost all MDD patients with an inadequate response on their initial antidepressant. At ANeuroTech, we are working to bring effective treatments, with minimal or no side-effects, to patients who suffer with depression. The publication in Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry and our patent filing for a long-acting drug are two important milestones in our efforts to meet our goal of finding better ways to help people with MDD.”

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ANeuroTech publishes Phase IIIa data for ANT-01, an adjunctive anti-depression drug, in Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry


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